Our Target

We want to provide equipped safe learning spaces for all 163 affected schools, but in order to build a strong base for expansion, we are piloting the initiative with 10 of the most heavily damaged schools.

Pilot Project

The Immaculée Conception School in Beirut, headed by Sister Marlene Youssef will be APEL's first pilot school. Built by Les Filles de la Charité in 1905 about 900m from the port, it had survived many wars but was terribly hit by the third largest non-nuclear blast in the world. This community-based school supports many underserved students.


We aim to Provide

Equipped Safe Learning Spaces (ESLS)

Create safe spaces at school to re-engage in learning. Centers will be equipped with computers and access to the internet, electronics, books, games, and stationery.

Psychosocial Support

Provision of psychosocial support for learners and the school community.

Snacks for Students

Provision of hearty snacks for students.

Capacity Building for Educators

Provide educators with professional development support needed to implement this new blended learning environment and other activities.

Financial Support for Educators

Provide direct financial support for teachers and administrators to maintain their engagement with the education system for a year.

Smart Learning Platform

Courses for teachers and students are available on IEA smart learning platform: coding, media, creative learning, making, storytelling and online learning and assessment pedagogies.

Learning Platform

With IEA Learning Platform, teachers are able to host courses for students at all levels so that K-12 students can continue learning through their yearly programs. IEA has been providing a blended learning platform since 2001 with major upgrades and overhauls introduced in 2015 and 2019.  Our platform is being used to provide online in-service teacher training at both public and private schools in Lebanon. The Equipped Safe Learning Spaces will have teachers and educators supporting the students in their journey, keeping the spirit of school and the positive attitude towards learning alive.