IEA Learning, an ecosystem of actions serving education, educators, and students.

The activities of IEA Learning are varied but complementary. The success of one of them leads to the success of the others, thus creating a virtuous circle that pulls the whole organization upwards.

Our mission: an agile education that adapts to the era of time for all!

The IEA method allows teachers, students and young participants to have an active role in learning that gives meaning to their work. By using an approach focused on sustainable development, we engage and invite them to act for the benefit of their community through the projects of their choice. Thus, teachers, better trained and equipped, support young people in the development of their entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking. This approach integrates all participants in a contemporary society built at the crossroads between technology, science and human, social and ecological values.


Development and implementation of online and blended course

Volunteering for young university students

Action - Research

Conferences for all

Online learning platform

GIS Platform (Geographic information System)


Education professionals, trainers, teachers

Young students and professionals (16-24 years old)

Juniors (-16 years old)

Projects in the Middle East supported around the world

IEA Learning's mission is to bring its causes to the international community.

Current projects


“ Actions pour les écoles libanaise” is an initiative launched in the aftermath of the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4th, which left students and teachers without school buildings and other safe learning places. APEL proposes a blended learning solution using an online platform and face-to-face support to empower educators, children, and youth to build their lives and prepare for the future. Visit our pilot project site to know more

Scaling Coder Maker schools in Lebanese schools

« Scaling Coder-Maker schools in Lebanese schools » aims to research the scalability of « Coder Maker » as part of the Digital Learning Innovation project in Lebanese public schools. The Coder Maker approach combines learning sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEAM) with creative arts and entrepreneurial skills to solve daily life problems. Students code, create their own inventions, manipulate electronic components, collect and analyze data, and showcase their creations through images, text and videos.

Rapid upskilling of educators to transition to online learning

« Rapid upskilling of educators to transition to online learning » is an initiative created as a response to COVDID-19 to provide teachers with essential skills needed to deliver quality online learning. The initiative consists of a course for educators and a design-based research to support ministries of education with models of online and blended learning. The objective of the research is to improve the quality, equity and resilience of learning for girls and boys in Lebanon and Tunisia.

IEA Learning is supported by committed partners around the world

An experienced team mobilized for education

The IEA Learning team is made up of passionate, committed and seasoned individuals who put their diverse experiences at the service of education and digital technology.


  • Eliane Metni
  • Karim Abu-Haydar
  • Hoda Khouri
  • Dr. Zaher El Dawy
  • Najah Jaroush

Board of directors

  • Christian Metni, Président
  • Dr. Zaher El Dawy, Vice-Président
  • Najah Jaroush, Trésorier

The team

  • Eliane Metni
  • Georges Abi-Aad
  • Hiba Kaddoura
  • Joanne Raad
  • Christian Hokayem
  • Dima Kawass