The damage to the schools of Beirut

The explosion of the port of Beirut on August 4th caused tremendous damage


APEL Goals and Objectives

The effort needed to rebuild and reconstruct Beirut's schools will be massive and will likely take years. However, the needs of children and youth are immediate and cannot be postponed. In an effort to provide immediate relief and support, IEA France is raising funds to provide direct support for the following emergency activities

Equipped Safe Learning Spaces (ESLS)

Create safe spaces at school to re-engage in learning. Centers will be equipped with computers and access to the internet, electronics, books, games, and stationery.

Psychosocial Support

Provision of psychosocial support for learners and the school community.

Snacks for Students

Provision of hearty snacks for students.

Capacity Building for Educators

Provide educators with professional development support needed to implement this new blended learning environment and other activities.

Financial Support for Educators

Provide direct financial support for teachers and administrators to maintain their engagement with the education system for a year.

Smart Learning Platform

Courses for teachers and students are available on IEA smart learning platform: coding, media, creative learning, making, storytelling and online learning and assessment pedagogies.

Teachers and students will have access to IEA smart learning platform with short courses and gamified activities that facilitate their re-engagement with the learning process and provide them with personalized experiences.


The Action for schools in Lebanon ecosystem

  • Equipped safe learning spaces so students can learn, grow, and heal supported by IEA digital learning platform 
  • Educators will receive direct financial support to maintain their engagement with the education system for a year
  • Children recover a space where they can overcome trauma, learn, code and make
  • Volunteers from close neighborhoods or from around the country will provide in-center and online support 
  • Community, including schools, will be engaged in activities that will provide a community spirit

Transparency and accountability

IEA is a trusted NGO based in Lebanon and France with A 20-year history delivering deep and long-term impact of projects. Click here to learn more about IEA Lebanon and IEA France. Since the beginning, IEA has fully committed itself to full transparency and integrity to provide services and funds directly to support schools, students, teachers, and learning community. In the current context, we will update this page and disclose the amounts raised and how donated funds are allocated.